Have You Made Over $100,000 in Network Marketing Commissions

but Want to Play Much Bigger?

“Jessica and Ray Higdon wanted to create a high end program
that helped top earners play even bigger and so back in 2013,

the Top Earner Club was formed!”

We had seen Ray on a lot of social media platforms and felt very confident that he could help us with our business branding. We are so grateful we engaged him in helping us. His knowledge about marketing coupled with his understanding about network marketing make him a rare breed. Ray is one of the sharpest, clearest minds we have ever experienced. He has a great talent as a coach, mentor, and teacher.
Larry and Taylor Thompson

March was momentous for us! We celebrated 551 rank advancements and, in under four years, helped drive our company to a 100 million plus per year! We hit the NEW top rank and an income level that blew our minds! We want to recognize Ray and Jessica Higdon and the Higdon Group for the tools, information, connections and guidance. There are no words that could describe the gratitude for them and Top Earner Club!
Angel Fletcher and Ryan Higgins

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HINT: It has nothing to do with branding, funnels, or constantly creating content.



During the past six years, we have learned insanely valuable skills and blueprints allowing us to have the #1 MLM blog, build the #1 community for Network Marketers (RankMakers), become the #1 income earners in our previous network marketing company, and create one of the fastest growing, Inc 5000 recognized, companies in the United States.

Top Earner Club is your shortcut to building a business that enables you to make a bigger impact and increase your income so you can spend more time doing the things you love and eliminate all the frustrating elements of leading a team that so many experience.

Our Top Earner Club Mastermind programs outline in extreme detail every proven system that has helped us reach the very top.

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How Can Top Earner Club

Help You?

Sign Up More Customers & Recruit Better Leaders

Create a powerful social media presence that attracts your ideal clients & prospects to you consistently.


Position you as a leader both inside and outside your network marketing company.


Be equipped with duplicatable tools and scripts for recruiting on social media

Prior to joining the Top Earner Club, we had already built a successful Network Marketing Business the traditional way. Since working with Ray, we implemented a lot of training by using online marketing and prospecting methods. As a result, we have recruited a lot of high-level leaders. Better yet, they reached out to us to join the team! There is nothing better than having people reach out and ask, “Where do I sign?”

Juan and Summer Jeronimo

I got my 1099 from my company yesterday. I have doubled my income since I joined TEC only 6 months ago! My team is more productive and winning at all levels. Ray helped me figure out where I was lacking and helped me recognize where I needed to be putting my focus. I went all in on creating a culture and duplicatable systems! It works!

Paula Chavez

Improve Your Team’s Culture & Increase Retention

Learn proven duplicatable and time effective strategies for training and inspiring your team.


Create a positive culture that makes people feel good regardless of their level of desire or level of results.


Run effective contests that maximizes participation from all levels of your organization.

Create Systems To Streamline Your Duplication

Create a business action plan that helps you grow your empire with less stress, more efficiency, and less drama.


Develop the tools and resources that anyone in your organization can use regardless of their level of influence, expertise or background.


Find the people inside of your groups that want to love on people, celebrate others and are willing to be your cheerleaders.

Ray and Jessica have helped me to become a better network marketer, a better network marketing leader, and a better person. My favorite thing they have taught me is to provide value on a daily basis. My team has benefitted tremendously because of our relationship. My team training system is where it is today because of Ray and Jessica.

Kathleen Deggelman

Our goal is to empower you and your team

with the tools, resources, core values, competencies and resiliency to move forward, build momentum and be independent.



You are open to receiving direct feedback that will help you double or even triple your income, sales conversions, and leads within the very near future.

You have great ideas but feel like you’re lacking focus, clarity and an action plan to implement them.

You are lacking the proper systems to help leverage your time.

The current tactics you’re trying just aren’t working or you need mentorship to move you in the right direction.

You desire to learn from other ambitious and passionate network marketers playing at a higher level.

You are sick of staying in the same place and have hit a plateau where nothing you are doing seems to move the needle.

Nine Reasons

To Become A Top Earner Club Member

Get off your plateau and stop the seasonal ups and downs

Stop people from leaving your team by creating a culture everyone wants to be a part of

Learn how to motivate team members who have never done anything

Develop your leadership skills

Expand your vision and impact

Learn how to leverage your time so you can impact more people

Enhance your personal brand and marketing strategy

Develop duplicatable processes that are effective for your people

Expand your visibility and influence to attract more people to you


Is The Success Of Our
Top Earner Club Members

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Top Earner Club is a powerful “invite-only” community for Network Marketers who are earning at least $100,000 per year.

If you’ve met that requirement, Step 1 is to fill out the application now.

What Members Are Saying About Their

Top Earner Club Experience

Success Stories

Brooke and Jason Rash

From almost quitting network marketing to doubling their income in six months.


We went to the top of our company in 15 months. We were growing like crazy, then hit a hard stop! The company received some pretty bad press, we lost team mates, there was division and negativity within the team and all of a sudden we were full time just trying to stop the bleeding and it wasn’t working!

Working With Ray

We developed an effective and duplicatable on boarding strategy so that people could engage immediately. We learned that not everyone has our same level of desire with the business and to manage our expectations and leadership style to build a culture of inclusivity. We stopped using other leaders as our excuse for the plateau. We learned how to effectively tap root down.


We went from almost losing our team and our business to more than doubling our income. We crossed the seven figure income mark in six months and our team culture is thriving.

Success Stories

Jennifer Welshans

From being inundated with 100-200 Facebook messages a day and no results to a $200k bonus.


We had a lot of early success in Network Marketing having hit the top rank of our company in just 10 months, then we hit a brick wall. It felt like the rolling stone was going backwards not forwards!

Working With Ray

I was drowning in messenger with 100-200 messages per day. I wanted to literally throw my phone in the toilet. The conversations were not converting! After working closely with Ray and implementing his “reach out” system, I could not believe the night and day results I was having.


I fell back in love with the process! Within 90 days my husband and I hit a 220k bonus! It was life changing for our family.

Emma Cooper

Angela Brooks

Apply For Top Earner Club Now

Top Earner Club is a powerful “invite-only” community for Network Marketers who are earning at least $100,000 per year.

If you’ve met that requirement, Step 1 is to fill out the application now.