Frequently Asked Questions

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How Will Top Earner Club Help Me Grow My Business?

Often, a new perspective is necessary to see what is holding us back. We think we are implementing all the right things but may not be aware that how we execute things might be sabotaging our results.

How Many Top Earner Club Members Are Currently In The Program?

We currently have about 35 members.

What Happens After I’m Approved As A Top Earner Club Member?

Once you have your interview with our director, she will present her recommendations to Ray. You will then be invited to join. Once your payment is received, your membership will be activated and you will gain immediate access to all the benefits.

As A Top Earner Club Member, How Much Access Will I Have To Ray?

We use an app called Voxer to access Ray. There is not a limit as to how often you may vox Ray, however, many members find just as much value from asking other leaders within the chat group (or one on one) for advice.

How Much Is The Investment To Join Top Earner Club?

You can get started for as little as $2345/month with your down payment. For those of you who wish to pay in full, you can access TEC for an even lower investment.

Can My Spouse Join Me As A Member?

Yes, for a nominal fee.

Don’t take our word for it, just take a look at
some of the success stories we’ve helped create:

When I joined the Top Earner Club Mastermind, my monthly sales volume was $275k per month. I just crossed the $1,000,000 mark thanks to Ray. I used to lack confidence and didn’t really know how to stay in momentum. Ray taught me how to leverage my time, develop a system, properly tap root, and be consistent.

Angela Brooks

I have spent millions, not hundreds of thousands, but millions seeking out the best mentors in the world and learning from them. I learned this secret at a young age. I look for two things: I seek out an individual who can teach me how to serve more people and I look for a mentor who has helped other people get results. I joined the Top Earner Club Mastermind because he has done both!

Robert Hollis

Sometimes implementing what Ray tells you to do can be contrary to what you think. I resisted implementing what Ray was telling me to do for 7 months! We finally agreed that I would try his way for 30 days. During that 30 days, the results skyrocketed me and my husband to a $240,000 bonus! When you do what Ray tells you, it works!

Jennifer Welshans

Hillary Grossmann

Tim Tran

Todd Burrier

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Top Earner Club is a powerful “invite-only” community for Network Marketers who are earning at least $100,000 per year.

If you’ve met that requirement, Step 1 is to fill out the application now.