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Would you like to join the ranks of Angel Fletcher, Ryan Higgins, Nicola Smith Jackson, Jeff Altgilbers, Marina Simone, Simon Chan, Robert Hollis, John and Nadya Melton, Kathleen Deggelmen, Cedrick Harris, Bob Heilig, Todd Burrier, Hillary Grossman, Larry and Taylor Thompson, Yvette and Dave Ulloa, Nina Garcia, Jason and Brooke Rash, Karyn Medieros, Angela Brooks, Soraya Goddard, Amy Murphy just to name a few.

So many of our leaders renew year in and year out because they get results while receiving so much love and support. Many consider this mastermind their family and their home.

If any of this resonates with you, you may qualify to be part of our mastermind family.

Success Stories

Marina Simone

Teaching busy moms how to Slay Online sales and build a 7 figure online brand where pants are optional!


I thought I was doing great but I was looking to scale up and grow bigger. I had invested in a lot of mentors but nothing they taught me was converting the way I wanted it to. I couldn’t figure out what was holding me back.

Working With Ray

I needed to step back and really understand my mindset around making 7 figures. Ray and Jess helped me with my mindset and vision. I needed to refocus on the customer journey to see where the tweaks needed to be made and scale up my strategy.


I have changed my perspective and have learned to think differently. I often ask myself what would Ray say; what would Jess say, and, “What is the impact I want to make? What can I implement on a strategic level to make that happen?” Ray has taught me to stop playing small, to push myself to always think and play bigger. As a result, I am breaking through my second month of earning over 6 figures. I have scaled to a 7 figure annual income thanks to the mentorship of Ray and Jessica.

Marc Accetta

John and Nadya Melton

Bob Heilig

Tanya Aliza

Success Stories

Leo and Jordanna Espinosa

They doubled their volume by incorporating social media strategies with traditional methods to build their business.


We built and still build our business belly to belly and have had a lot of success. When that momentum slowed way down, we wanted to learn how to build using social media. However, we felt a lot of resistance and were told it’s not duplicatable.

Working With Ray

Ray taught us the proper strategies for using social media, but we were a bit hesitant to implement them. Ray teaches that it is not how you acquire a lead that needs to be duplicatable, but what you do with them once they join. So we tightened up our systems for onboarding as well.


When the lockdown from the coronavirus hit, we were so glad we had learned all the skills on social media and created simple onboarding systems. We were completely prepared to take our business online. We have doubled our volume over the last month (our best month ever) and our company is now asking us to teach others what we have learned.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ray Higdon as a colleague, a close friend, and a mentor. He lives by a very simple credo – bring as much value as you can every day, and never stop learning so you can always increase the value that you bring. One only has to look at his enormous body of work to realize how successfully he lives his philosophy.

Lisa Grossmann

Identify the people that you would like to be most like, then go learn from them. I have personally met people who were wondering if they should join Ray’s mastermind program, Top Earner Club. They did. Today they are earning six figure incomes following exactly what they were taught. They went, invested, learned and executed. Are you ready to break through your barriers, comfort zone, limitations, and fear to do what it takes to get it done?

Curtis Broome

Ray Higdon is one of the masters at teaching people how to make money, period! I’ve seen his coaching clients go from zero to multiple six figures per year in 30 days or less. If you are looking to make more money, Ray can help you become financially free. All I can say is Ray has magic ability. – everything he touches turns to gold

Brian Fanale

Success Stories

Jeff Altgilbers

Teaching people how to have financial freedom through network marketing!


I was in a success coma having been at the top of my company for several years. I built a team of over 700,000 people and was making good money. However, I had not personally sponsored anyone new for many years.

Working With Ray

Ray got me engaged in social media. I learned what to do and how to do it. I was getting 1000’s of views and people of influence began watching me. All of a sudden, I found myself sponsoring incredible people.


I have developed a whole new leg of business as a result of being on social media and doing what Ray said to do. This leg of business has become my highest producing leg to date.

Robert Hollis

Diane Hochman

Angel Fletcher

Success Stories

Paula Chavez

After being on a plateau for over a year, now my team and I are setting new records


I feel that the measure of success is by how successful the people on your team are. My team and I had flat-lined. I was working harder and putting in longer hours to try to move the needle. Personally, I had been trying to rerank for 6 months. My people weren’t succeeding and I felt that I was failing them as a leader.

Working With Ray

  1. I completely changed my team culture. I learned how to create a community that everyone felt good to be a part of.
  2. I learned that duplication wasn’t about telling people what to do but instead, making simple resources that were available for everyone.


Within 90 days of joining TEC, I re-ranked….more importantly, my team experienced a record number of rank advances and wins. Our team has been doing record volume, over 1,000k!! What has meant the most to me was hearing from my team members how much they loved being on my team and having me as their trainer/mentor/leader.

Success Stories

Brooke and Jason Rash

From almost quitting network marketing to doubling their income in six months.


We went to the top of our company in 15 months. We were growing like crazy, then hit a hard stop! The company received some pretty bad press, we lost team mates, there was division and negativity within the team and all of a sudden we were full time just trying to stop the bleeding and it wasn’t working!

Working With Ray

We developed an effective and duplicatable on boarding strategy so that people could engage immediately. We learned that not everyone has our same level of desire with the business and to manage our expectations and leadership style to build a culture of inclusivity. We stopped using other leaders as our excuse for the plateau. We learned how to effectively tap root down.


We went from almost losing our team and our business to more than doubling our income. We crossed the seven figure income mark in six months and our team culture is thriving.

Ray Higdon’s online and network marketing training is second to none. Ray’s training will no doubt help you become a better blogger, marketer, leader, online marketer, and/or network marketer.

Cedrick Harris

You are as good as the people you hang around with. I thought it was a cliche, but it is true! When you are mixing in a room of people at all levels of success, it lifts you and inspires you to strive to be your best. Ray gets you to think bigger and gets you outside of your box. Before, I was stumbling, almost quit, then I met Ray and have never looked back!

Lynda Kenny

Ray Higdon is a man of action. His unrelenting vision and drive could climb any mountain and take at least 400,000 people with him. Probably 10x that amount. Whatever he’s teaching….listen up!

Jonathan Budd

Success Stories

Dave and Yvette Ulloa

We thought we had an amazing culture, with Ray we took that culture to a whole new level and our team hit new records in volume and recruiting.


We are veteran network marketers and have a team of over 100,000 people. However, our team had lost a bit of the spark and we had hit a plateau. We knew we had to do something to lead and not just sit back managing.

Working With Ray

Being around the other leaders in TEC and having daily access to Ray, we learned a valuable lesson, we were not appreciating and recognizing the 80% of our team members who were not running at full speed. When you don’t know how to really love on people, you miss out on a lot of opportunities. When you provide a forum for everyone to thrive, that’s when a whole lot of people doing a little create massive results.


In one week, we brought in over 500 new customers, have developed new legs in other countries, and saw over 9 leaders reach the director level of our company.

Vince Reed

Kate McShea

Soraya Goddard

Success Stories

Jennifer Welshans

From being inundated with 100-200 Facebook messages a day and no results a $200k bonus.


We had a lot of early success in Network Marketing having hit the top rank of our company in just 10 months, then we hit a brick wall. It felt like the rolling stone was going backwards not forwards!

Working With Ray

I was drowning in messenger with 100-200 messages per day. I wanted to literally throw my phone in the toilet. The conversations were not converting! After working closely with Ray and implementing his “reach out” system, I could not believe the night and day results I was having.


I fell back in love with the process! Within 90 days my husband and I hit a 220k bonus! It was life changing for our family.

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