Your next step is to set up an interview with our Top Earner Club Director.

Please be aware that a VIP Day or Top Earner Club Membership requires an investment.

Acceptance into either program is by invitation only, after completion of your interview.

Pre Qualification

For both programs:

1. You must have made six figures in commissions during your Network Marketing career
2. You must currently have an active team

For Top Earner Club:

3. You must be willing to participate and add value to this group
4. You must have reviewed the Top Earner Club Benefits PDF

Please be prepared to share your goals, current challenges, and how you think Ray and Jessica can help.


If You’re Ready For The Next Step, Please Email Anu at [email protected] and let her know that you’re interested.  Please put “I’m Ready” in the Subject Line so you can cut to the front of the line.

I had the privilege of meeting Anu Fergoda in 2016. She was brand new working with the Higdon group. Her sassy personality and mine kicked it off perfectly.

Anu was my first contact to joining the Higdon TEC family and I was scared to death. She has a way with words and encouragement that very few people have. She takes a negative and turns it into a positive. She can look at your progress and point out things you don’t see about yourself because you are too close to them.

She made every single TEC retreat and event seamless and we were always made to feel so special, well taken care of and actually a little spoiled with gifts, kindness and the best hugs ever. She makes things look smooth as silk even when there’s chaos in the background.

Anu is a giver, extremely knowledgeable on building a community that feels like family. The Higdon Group is so blessed to have her on their team taking care of their clients.

I am so honored to call Anu my friend. Her smile, her laugh and her tell it like it personality makes her unique. Our phone calls and conversations over dinner are like mini masterminds that are so priceless to me and I will always hold each of them dear to me.

Angela Brooks

The first thought that came to mind when I was asked to leave a testimonial for the one and only Anu Fergoda was “Wow, what an honor”!

Anu not only is such an amazing person that today I call a great friend but truly someone who has become what I see as a KEY component for the integrity level that the Top Earner Club Higdon Group Mastermind operates at. She takes a stand for each and every single person in the TEC group as if they were her own children and plays many different roles to different people. To have someone who cares about people like that truly shows right before your eyes why so many walk away with so much success and joy while and after you’re in her presence.

Anu I could go on for days but I just want to say thank you and I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do.

Curran Alvarez

The first time I met Anu was by phone when she called to interview me for the Top Earner Club Program. We instantly hit it off and you can tell she is passionate about what she does and the people she works with.

She asked kind and thoughtful questions, and really made me feel solid in my decision to hire Ray & Jessica Higdon.

Since then, I have enjoyed having Anu as a consultant and friend when navigating decisions that I felt were difficult. She, of course, brought insight and wisdom which made light of those challenges and helped me overcome the obstacles in front of me, which turned into excitement for our future.

Anu is the perfect blend of confidence and humility. She is extremely good at helping others utilize their strengths and focus on their goals so they can come up with a clear plan of action.

She is an absolute pleasure to work with and everyone in TEC adores her.

Christina Whiteley

Words cannot describe how lucky I have been to work with Anu Fergoda within my business and my life. Anu embodies all of the characteristics you would want in a mentor, life coach and friend.

She is deeply knowledgeable, always gives her honest opinion but most importantly she actually cares about the people she works with. Anu has the best mix of empathetic but yet strategic approaches to working with others and I always walked away better off than when I started.

Anu has been a crucial part for the success of my business. As an entrepreneur, so often so many things happen when we least expect it and it can be quite frightening.

Anu has the best way of keeping you grounded and helping you come up with solutions to solve problems almost immediately.

Anu not only holds you accountable but also inspires you to put your best efforts forth when it comes to your business.

Working with Anu over the last two years was like almost winning the lottery when it comes to a coach.

I could have never imagined that a single person could impact my life so much in such a positive way. If you have the opportunity to work with Anu, don’t miss it, she is truly one in a million.

Hillary Grossmann

When it comes to coaching and mentorship at the highest level, Anu Fergoda is a superhero. Compassion and strength are two words that come to mind immediately to describe her.

In her role as director of TEC for The Higdon Group, Anu leads with her heart in everything she does. She has incredible wisdom and business sense.

Working with her in TEC has helped me shift some limiting beliefs that I didn’t realize were holding me back. Anu is truly one of a kind. I’m grateful to have her in my corner.

Sharon Johnson

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