If you are looking to dive deep into your business, than a VIP at Ray and Jessica’s home might be an option for you!

If you are the type of person who likes to develop a strategy and an action plan, then a day with Ray and Jessica might be a good fit.  Some prefer to share the day with their key leaders to help the entire team play bigger!

Ray will dive deep with you into your business and formulate ideas for taking you to the next level.  If you enjoy one to one learning, are an action taker, want to impact more people, and are not afraid to get out of your comfort zone, then you are ready to take the next step and see which would be the best investment for you; a full VIP day at Ray and Jessica’ home, a virtual half-VIP day, or Top Earner Club!

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Last August I took a leap of faith and had a VIP coaching day with Ray. I didn’t know what to expect but could have never imagined how life changing just one day would be. Since that day, our team hit a Top Rank and I’ve tripled my monthly income. I uncovered money blocks that were not only holding me back in my business but also affecting my marriage and didn’t even know it. I will always be grateful for that day. It not only helped me triple in volume and income but my relationship with my husband has never been better. I’m grateful.

Rena Zaharov

I am so grateful for my VIP day with Ray. It allowed me to bring forth a vision that I had for 4 years. Ray gave me the clarity and courage to take action. I am so grateful for the Higdon Group they are so supportive. If you want to take your business to the next level, a VIP day is a no brainer! Thank you Ray, Jess and the entire team! I love you guys!

Nicola Smith-Jackson

My VIP day with Ray was an awesome experience. He dove deep into every aspect of my business and gave me insights that were invaluable and a made a difference immediately. It’s a rare opportunity to spend a day with someone of Ray’s knowledge, experience, and track record. And even rarer, when you consider what a truly caring and humble person he is. If you get a chance to get on this man’s schedule the only question to ask is “how long can I stay?

Todd Burrier

Our Virtual VIP day with Ray was an incredible experience. Ray has an unbelievable skill of quickly seeing what is missing and guiding you in the right direction. He is full of incredible wisdom and tips to help you progress. Our virtual VIP day opened our eyes to what is possible with the right coach and we decided to take things to the next level by joining his TEC family.

Mary and Seamus Penrose

I bought a VIP day for our team and Ray and Jessica Higdon graciously had that event in their home! What a treat to go to their home and their hospitality was incredible because they served lunch! It’s hard to estimate the value of the VIP day because I’ll be getting paid “huge” on that team that Ray and Jessica impacted, for many years to come!

Jeff Altgilbers

There’s so many beautiful things I can say about working with Ray and Jessica. The one that stands out the most is their commitment to your excellence and how quickly you’ll create breakthroughs. Their tireless energy to serve others and the generosity they provide is priceless. They are the real deal and through our work together, I was able to make some incredible shifts and adjustments that accelerated my business immediately. Thank you Ray and Jess for all you do.

Julie Burke